APR Transverse 2.0T Intercooler


APR has designed the best intercooler upgrade for your 2.0T engine as found in the VW GTI, Jetta and Eos and Audi A3 and TT. Charge air cooling is essential to maintaining powerful and safe operation of a turbocharged engine and as performance is increased, so must the thermal effectiveness of the intercooler. The APR FSI Intercooler is a perfect OEM intercooler replacement with an intercooler core size almost three times the size of the original unit.

  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • Bar and Plate Core Design
  • Silicone Pressure Hoses
  • Direct OEM Fitment - NO Trimming Necessary
  • Fits ANY Stock or Aftermarket Bumper Cover
  • Adaptor Coupler for Stock Plumbing

The Concept

Concept Intercooler

The Components


Click on the pictures above for the concept behind the intercooler, a complete breakdown of what is included with the intercooler.

To see how the APR Intercooler compared to the competition, take a look at our competitive analysis!

Engine Part Number Price(税別)
*The APR Intercooler core will fit the Passat, CC and Tiguan. However, the hoses may need lengthened at your own risk.
*The APR Intercooler core will fit the Audi TT with the new 2.0 TFSI Audi Valve Lift engine, but requires the OEM 2.0 TSI Discharger Pipe: 1K0 145 840 R and 1K0 145 769 J
All Transverse Direct Injected 1.8T/2.0T Engines* IC100012 ¥220,000

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