APR TT RS 2.5 TFSI Front Mount Intercooler System

APR is pleased to present the ultimate Front Mount Intercooler System for the Audi TT RS.

The APR Intercooler System dramatically lowers charge air temperature and resists heat soak far better the TT RS’s factory intercooler system. Through a massively increased frontal surface area, superior intercooler core design and smooth, cast end tanks, APR’s engineers were able to create an intercooler capable of supporting power levels well beyond that of the factory unit. Expect increased horsepower and torque and dramatically prolonged performance.

  • Dramatically lowers intake air temperature
  • Increases horsepower and torque while prolonging performance
  • APR intercooler core dimensions: 3.00" x 12.70" x 22.25"
  • OEM intercooler core dimensions 3.19" x 6.38x" x 21.75"
  • 104% more frontal area and 92% larger core compared to stock
  • Pressure tested for leak proof operation
  • Smooth cast alumnium end tanks
  • CNC machined hose connection points
  • Integrated light weight support brace, horn and sensor brackets
  • Stealthy black coating does not alter thermal effectiveness
  • Full install directions and APR's world-renowned customer support
  • Lifetime warranty

APR Intercooler System


Intercooler Ambient Air Fins

Intercooler Ambient Air Fins

Each unit uses a high quality, bar and plate core with staggered and louvered fins. The Intercooler’s exceptionally tall design and fin structure exposes the core to a greater volume of airflow than possible with the factory or similar aftermarket short and thick core designs. With more of the intercooler directly exposed to the elements, cooling effectiveness dramatically increases.

Intercooler Charge Air Fins

Intercooler Charge Air Fins

Internally, the APR Intercooler System features a staggered and louvered fin design with a core density chosen as a balance between cooling effectiveness and pressure drop. Due to the core’s massive volume, the balance was easily adjusted to favor minimal pressure drop while still providing superior effectiveness compared stock and similar to stock designs.

Intercooler Rear with Support Brace installed

intercooler back

The intercooler’s maximum size and frontal area is directly related to packaging constraints found at the front end of the vehicle. Intercooler units located in the factory location are design limited resulting in increased volume primarily through expanding the depth of the system. Unfortuna

y increasing depth only slightly increases the intercoolers effectiveness compared to increased frontal surface area. APR’s Intercooler System includes a reengineered front-end support brace constructed from billet aluminum to maximize packaging constraints. The low profile support brace resides near the factory location and no longer blocks the intercooler from front-end airflow. The bar’s inner design features a weight saving grid, which also aids in airflow through the core.

Intercooler Logo
Intercooler Installed

The intercooler core and brace are both black to remain stealthy behind the TT RS’s massive grille. The black chip and corrosion resistant coating does not alter the thermal effectiveness of the intercooler core. During testing APR’s Engineers were unable to measure a difference in temperature between the coated and non-coated system during both dyno and road tests. This was further backed up with matching dyno performance between coated and uncoated systems equaling each other.


Intercooler Thickness
Intercooler Back
Intercooler Hose Connection Point

Testing Data - Dyno

The Test below demonstrates the intercoolers ability to cool intake air temperature even under brutal conditions. Six back-to-back pulls were performed with absolu

y no cool down between runs. The APR Intercooler’s first run was conducted in slightly worse conditions than the stock intercooler, but it was able to keep the intake air temperature at redline lower than stock even after the sixth back to back pull! The dramatic rise in temperature from the stock intercooler cost the TT RS valuable horsepower on the dyno and averaged over 25 HP less than the APR unit across the six runs.

IAT on Dyno
IAT on Dyno

Power Differences

Testing Data - Street

APR’s Engineers set out to further prove each Intercooler’s effectiveness by testing in real world conditions on the street. Four back-to-back 20-130 mph pulls were conducted with both the factory and APR intercooler unit while various data points were collected with APR’s ECU Explorer data logging suite. While APR’s Engineers made every effort to keep starting temps identical between the two intercoolers, unfortuna

y conditions worsened while testing the APR unit as ambient temperature increased.

The rise in temperature was still no match for the APR intercooler unit. Pull after pull, the intercooler was able to cool charge air temperature below the actual starting temperature! The stock intercooler unfortuna

y experienced a rapid temperature increase and on average ran 14C higher than the starting temperature. The intake air temperature results collected on the street mimicked that of the data collected on the dyno further backing the power associated with each unit.

Road Data

Each system includes the intercooler core, support brace, horn bracket, install manual and all necessary hardware for install.

Application Guide
Make Model Engine Transmission Drivetrain Part Number Price(税別)
Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI 6MT or S-Tronic Quattro IC100015 ¥360,000

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