APR EA113 2.0T FSI Connecting Rods

APR is pleased to present Light-Weight, High-Strength Forged Connecting Rods for the EA113 2.0T FSI engine!

As the leader in high performance engine products for the Volkswagen Automotive Group, APR is capable of creating horsepower and torque levels outside of the original equipment’s stress tolerances. In such cases, it’s highly recommended and in some cases necessary to upgrade additional engine components to cope with the increased load. APR’s Connecting Rods raise the engine’s stress tolerance levels to provide years of continued reliable operation without compromise.

APR’s proprietary connecting rods feature premium, certified USA-Made 4330 alloy, chosen for its lightweight and high-strength properties compared to 4340 or other inferior alloys sourced from undisclosed locations around the world. To ensure the highest level of quality control, the entire process from initial design to finished product, including materials, forging, treating and 100% CNC machining all take place in the USA. APR only uses strict manufacturing guidelines in some of the finest manufacturing facilities in the industry to deliver unmatched quality and integrity with each rod produced.

Connecting Rod

Quick Facts

H beamTapered H-Beam Design
Strong weight saving design
passageWrist Pin Oil Passage
Additional wear resistance
diamondDiamond Honed
Surface finishes with consistent RA
remeltDouble Re-Melt Forging
Improves metal quality
cryoCryogenically Treated
Improves strength
taperTapered Wrist Pin
Additional weight savings
43304330 Alloy Construction
High strength and light weight alloy
magnafluxMagnaflux Tested
Casting quality control
balanceBalanced to +/- 1 Gram
Increased reliability & performance
heatVacuum Heat Treated
Improves strength
cert100% USA Certified Alloys
Improves quality and control
dropinDrop-In Compatibility
Works with no other modifications
ampcoAMPCO 45 Bushing
Exceptional wear resistance
rockwellRockwell Tested
Hardness testing
toleranceTolerances to Factory Specs
OEM quality fit
peenedSurfaced Peened
Improves fatigue strength
usa100% Made In the USA
Materials, forging, treating, etc
arp2000ARP2000 Hardware
High quality and strength bolts

The connecting rod is designed to handle power levels far beyond the original component’s ratings in order to ensure reliability with years of continued use. Increasing rod strength often comes at the expense of increased weight, which ultimately reduces engine efficiency. To generate a balance between strength and weight, APR tested and analyzed several designs in addition to using premium alloys, advanced forging techniques and multiple strengthening treatments. APR’s Engineering Team’s design requirements resulted in a tapered H-beam design, offering exceptional strength due to the H design and weight savings from tapering, a trait most commonly associated with an A design.

We call it Performance Without Compromise.

Weight and Application Guide
Part Number Engine Engine Codes Wrist Pin Weight Type
Weight includes APR2000 hardware.
* Some engines contain connecting rods with 21mm wrist pins while others contain 22mm wrist pins. Please verify prior to purchase.
MS100049 EA113 K03 FSI AXX, BGB, BPG, BPJ, BPY,
20mm 516.4g Drop In
for OEM Piston
MS100051 EA113 K04 FSI BHZ, BYD, BZC,
21mm 514.0g Drop In
for OEM Piston
MS100052 EA113 K04 FSI CDL*, CDM* & CRZ* 22mm 523.4g Drop In
For OEM or APR Piston

The wrist pin end of the rod features a wear resistant bushing material made from AMPCO 45 - a high strength alloy with mechanical properties beyond that of commercial nickel-aluminum bronzes. Wear reduction is further enhanced via a pin lubrication access point at the top of the rod, feed by the engine’s oil squirters. For further weight reduction and drop in rod compatibility with OEM and APR pistons, the wrist pin end is tapered.

When modifying an engine for strength and longevity, quality is of the utmost importance. APR’s Engineering teams have ensured each rod is created with absolute quality and control in mind each step of the way. Tolerances are kept to OEM specs and the rods are balanced to within +/- 1 gram. Furthermore the rods undergo rigorous tests to backup the entire manufacturing process. Rockwell testing provides a method for testing hardness while Magnaflux or Magnetic Particle Inspection, offers a method for detecting interruptions in the physical continuity of the casting. The result is a product you can trust.


Connecting Rod Side Connecting Rod Bottom Connecting Rod Wrist Pin End

Mahle Motorsport VP2 Rod Bearings

Rod Bearings

When upgrading connecting rods, it’s necessary to replace the existing connecting rod bearings. APR recommends using Mahle Motorsport VP2 rod bearings for their superior strength and wear resistance properties and attention to detail over the similarly priced OEM bearings.

Each bearing is capable of taking abuse in the magnitude of 14,500 psi while still offering superior conformability and fatigue resistance not commonly seen elsewhere in the market. This is partially due to the bearing’s high-grade hardened steel backing with bronze substrate and lead/indium overlay. Laser etched part numbers rather than typical stampings aid in significantly improved heat transfer and prevention of shell distortion. Formula 1 standards dictate extremely high tolerances, while Mahle’s attention to detail and chose of fine materials ensure worry free operation.

Install Kit

Rod Bearings

Upgrading connection rods requires disassembly of the engine, including several items designed for one time use only. Upon reassembly, new gaskets, stretch bolts, sealant and such are necessary to ensure years of reliable operation.

The APR Install kit simplifies the install process by providing each part necessary for an installation. This helps to ensure an effortless install process with little downtime. Each kit includes the following:

  • ARP Head Studs and Bolts
  • OEM Timing Cover Gasket
  • OEM Head Gasket
  • OEM Valve Cover Gasket
  • OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • OEM Intake Manifold Gasket
  • OEM Camshaft Seals
  • OEM Gasket Sealant
  • OEM Cam Girdle Bolts
  • OEM Oil Pump Bolts
  • OEM Camshaft Plug
  • OEM Victor Reinze Sealant

Mahle Motorsport German Tool Steel Wrist Pins

For ultimate strength and reliability, APR recommends upgrading to Mahle’s German tool steel wrist pins while upgrading connecting rods. If ordering APR’s Pistons, wrist pins are included.

Choosing the Correct Rods

Engine Code

APR offers rods designed for the engine’s OEM pistons (Drop in Rods) and rods designed for use with APR’s upgraded Mahle Motorsport pistons. Depending on piston and engine code, different rods are required.

APR's Mahle Motorsport Pistons require part MS100052, designed for 22mm wrist pins.

OEM pistons require either 20, 21 or 22mm wrist pins as outlined in the weight and application guide table. Use the included diagram to determine the engine code for rod selection.

In the case of CDL, CDM and CRZ engine codes, APR’s found some engines are equipped with 21mm wrist pins while others are equipped with 22mm wrist pins. Please make every effort to verify wrist pin size prior to rod purchase. In the even the wrong rods are chosen, please leave the box sealed and contact APR for further assistance.

APR Connecting Rod Application Guide
Engine Engine Codes Wrist Pin Weight Type Part Number Price(税別)
Set of 4.
Weight includes APR2000 hardware.
* Some engines contain connecting rods with 21mm wrist pins while others contain 22mm wrist pins. Please verify prior to purchase.
EA113 2.0T FSI (K03) AXX, BGB, BPG, BPJ, BPY,
20mm 516.4g Drop In
for OEM Piston
MS100049 ¥200,000
EA113 2.0T FSI (K04) BHZ, BYD, BZC,
21mm 514.0g Drop In
for OEM Piston
EA113 2.0T FSI (K04) CDL*, CDM* & CRZ* 22mm 523.4g Drop In
For OEM or APR Piston
Mahle Motorsport VP2 Rod Bearings
Rod Part Number Price(税別)
Set of 8
All Z1002179 ¥40,000
Mahle Motorsport German Tool Steel Wrist Pins
Size Part Number Price(税別)
Set of 4. If ordering APR Pistons, replacement wrist pins are included.
20mm MS100054 ¥30,000
21mm MS100056 ¥30,000
22mm MS100057 ¥30,000
Connecting Rod Install Kit
Rod Part Number Price(税別)
All SK100004 ¥55,000

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